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If you have tile in your home or business, you know the value and beauty it adds to your space. While tile floors offer a high-end luxury look and feel, tile and grout can easily collect dirt and grime.

Before you get down on your hands and knees to scrub your tile floors, call Nelson Carpet Cleaning in Memphis & Germantown, TN. We use safe and effective cleaning products to remove stubborn mud and stains from your tile floors. We also use a durable grout sealer to provide a reliable finish.

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At Nelson Carpet Cleaning, our tile and grout cleaner can easily renew the look of your tile flooring. We employ a thorough three-step process that covers:

  • Prepping - Before cleaning, we get rid of any loose dirt and pollen to expose the grime in your tile's pores.
  • Cleaning - We use a powerful, but safe, cleaning solution to loosen and remove caked-on grime.
  • Finishing - After a deep scrub, we will polish off your tile and apply a grout sealer for a long-lasting finish.
Contact us today to see how our tile and grout cleaner can transform the look of your Memphis & Germantown, TN home or business.

Cleaning Process

Chemical Treatment: A safe but strong solution is applied to the Tile & Grout to begin dissolving dirt, grease, old seal/wax, and stains.

Brushing: Grout lines are brushed to agitate the chemical and loosen debris, this does done with a combination of machine and hand brushing to be thorough.

Pressure/Steam Extraction: The floor is pressure washed with simultaneous extraction, blasting dirt and grime out of the grout lines.

Grout Sealing

Grout Sealing Will:

  • Save you money in costly remodels!
  • Eliminate the need for harsh cleaners!
  • Reduce time & effort spent cleaning by repelling soil and stains!
  • Keep grout clean long-term, NEVER SCRUB YOUR GROUT AGAIN!
Clear Seal: Once the cleaning results are completely satisfactory, a clear sealant will be applied. This means your tile floor will remain clean long term. No more stained grout, no more scrubbing!