Carpet flooring in the process of being stretching with a carpet power-stretcher, knee-kicker, and carpet tucker tools.
Carpet power-stretching in progress

Offering Carpet Stretching & Repairs throughout Memphis & Germantown, TN

Remove wrinkles & extend the longevity of your carpet

Wrinkles and rolls in the carpet can be unsightly and could even become a tripping hazard. With carpet power-stretching we can re-tighten the carpet to be flat again. Often, we are able to stretch the carpet tighter than when it was installed, providing a long-lasting repair.

We also perform: seam repairs, bonded-inserts (carpet patching), and padding replacements to maintain your carpeting for a longer time. These repairs are cost-saving solutions for: burn damage, permanent stains, pet damage, and over-contaminated padding that holds odors or causes a re-appearing stain.

These repairs vary in scope, so pricing will be customized, but starts at $150 per area for carpet stretching. Call 901-573-6437, fill out our contact form, or use the online booking link to get an estimate and set an appointment.