Ask about our carpet cleaning services in Memphis & Germantown, TN

Heavy foot traffic and accidental spills can easily dull the appearance of your plush carpet floors. Nelson Carpet Cleaning in Memphis & Germantown, TN offers professional carpet cleaning services to lift away old stains and buff up worn-down areas. We also apply a carpet odor remover and can handle minor carpet repairs, like fixing wrinkles and minor rips. You'll be impressed with how easily we can take your dirty carpet and restore the soft texture and colorful appearance.

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Why have your carpets cleaned?

Your carpets fall victim to mud, dirt and spills on a daily basis. Nelson Carpet Cleaning offers deep-cleaning services that can:

Eliminate bacteria, mold and allergens

Provide a healthier living environment

Get rid of pet and wet carpet odors

Extend the life of your carpet or rugs

Enhance your home's value and appearance

Get our carpet odor remover with our carpet cleaning services. Call today to learn more.


  • Dry Vacuuming: The best place to start a great cleaning is to remove as much dry soil as possible before any applying chemical or steam to the floor.
  • Spot & Traffic Lane Pre-Treatment: Pre-spray formulated to loosen the compacted soils is applied to heavy traffic areas/walkways and stains.
  • Deodorizing Enzymes and/or Oxidizers: Solution is applied as needed to areas with odor troubles to kill germs, and begin to digest odors.
  • Steam Extraction Cleaning: Now a full deep cleaning will be performed using our powerful hot water extraction equipment. This flushes all contaminants from deep within the carpet, removes stains, kills germs, and rinses out detergents. Extra drying passes are done to remove as much soil as possible and ensure efficient drying time.
  • Grooming: (upon request)We use a pile rake to groom the carpet after cleaning to reduce the appearance of tool/machine patterns, thoroughly spread any additional deodorizer or stain guard applications, & help to speed drying time.
  • 30-day Warranty: No questions asked warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, we will return at your convenience (free of charge) to repair/amend any issues!
  • Additional Recommended Services...
  • Stain Guard: Restore your floor's stain resistance to protect against future staining and repel oils.